First Reason – The World is going GREEN

Second Reason – Because it’s FUN!

Many potential clients and Designers ask why would we not use the real wood or marble – why should wealthy clients who could afford the real thing, have it painted?

Apart from not cutting down more trees in a depleted world, here are some major reasons:

In the hands of an expert you cannot tell the difference. Reference the photo of the column rising 40 feet in an atrium. The first 8 feet are real Limestone – the next is faux. Who would know?

For old homes, some centuries old, the original wood or marble is simply no longer available, so it has to be matched by the artist. No mess, no installation, no waiting for shipments – just brushes, feathers and the Master’s touch!

How do we know whether it is a good imitation? A question often asked by potential clients, especially if they have seen bad work. The answer is always employ an expert to carry out the work. Most clients enjoy the fact that it is Faux and have fun with their friends and guests – when it sounds like wood, it can’t be marble!

Any well known designer knows this is the truth. They all have access to experts who do this work. I am one of the experts who would like to influence them and their clients.”