Leonard Pardon Faux Finishes

Gallery of Finishes - Faux Finishes Main Gallery

Leonard’s illustrious clients have included the Queen of England, Sultans of Brunei and Oman, Sheikhs, Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, British Aristocracy as well as Heads of State and many of the world’s movers and shakers. 

All love his Faux Finishes – some examples of which are shown in this gallery.  From perfect marble matching, to imitating woods that are no longer available, to creating wall finishes using a product less “messy” than Venetian plaster (also in the repertoire). 

Anything that uses paint, brushes, feathers or combs, Leonard can imitate to an exact copy.  That’s why he and his work are in such high demand.

Click on any of the small images below to view samples of his work.