Leonard has taught his decorative (faux) techniques to many hundreds of students beginning in the early 80s at his Knightsbridge, London, studio. His one and three month classes were always booked as it was fashionable as well as current to learn the art of decorative painting. He taught amateurs – who wanted to make a career in this art field, professionals – wishing to increase their skills in the marketplace and those who just wanted to learn for their own satisfaction and to decorate their own homes, or even those of their friends, but not as a new career.


After opening his Decorative School in London’s  prestigious Knightsbridge, he has taught Decorative painting (Faux) continuously from 1984 to 2008.  After 3 years,  in response to many requests from Americans, he opened a New York studio where he taught for a further 3 years between August and December, returning to London to begin classes again at his Knightsbridge studio from January to June/July,  while also finding time to carry out private commissions around the world.   He closed his London school in 1992 when he relocated to Miami Florida, but continued teaching both in his Miami studio as well as at several venues around the US and a one month class in Italy. Classes are now available on a limited, invitational basis.


He produced his 10 part Video/DVD series in 1987, adding a further 5 in 1989 to teach his high quality finishes to those unable to attend classes. These were subsequently shown on PBS as a 13 part series, Faux Finish it with Leonard Pardon,  which was put out nationally and ran for several years.   Many hundreds of thousands have been sold worldwide through distributors and outlets enabling many more to benefit from Leonard’s techniques adapted and updated for today’s markets.  Leonard plans to make a few more of these excellent DVDs as there is still a demand for many other finishes.  He would especially like to make a Mural DVD showing short cuts to creating a fabulous painting on a large surface.