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Why Faux?

  • First Reason – The World is going GREEN
  • Second Reason – Because it’s FUN!

Many potential clients and Designers ask why would we not use the real wood or marble – why should wealthy clients who could afford the real thing, have it painted? Apart from not cutting down more trees in a depleted world, here are some major reasons; In the hands of an expert you cannot tell the difference.

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Welcome to Leonard Pardon's Website

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Nature’s Best Imitator!

One among many of the accolades that have been heaped upon this incredibly talented artist who for over more than 50 years has been carrying out this ancient decorative art form. Here you will find many examples of his “Faux” decorative art work; Marbleizing, Wood Graining, Murals, Trompe L’oeil paintings, “Gesso” finishes, Portraits and scene paintings. His DVD series is available for “Download”, a new feature for this website. We invite you to browse the pages shown here as if the artist were showing you himself!


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After obtaining a diploma from the Twickenham School of Art, Leonard apprenticed for 7 years with one of the leading artisans of decorative painting in UK at that time, A.E.Baxby, who became his Mentor. Leonard then honed his skills to become one of the Masters in the field of “faux” decorative art. His work can be found around the world ...


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How-To DVD's Available for Download at $5.99!

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Leonard Pardon Brush Series

Sample imageWe have all the brushes you'll need to create great looking faux finishes. Here is the complete assortment of faux finishing brushes and tools.

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Leonard Pardon
The Teacher

Leonard has taught his decorative (faux) techniques to many hundreds of students beginning in the early 80s at his Knightsbridge, London, studio. His one and three month classes were always booked as it was fashionable as well as current to learn the art of decorative painting.


Leonard Pardon
The Artist

Leonard paints Landscapes, Seascapes, Portraits and Murals. He paints on canvass in oil and acrylics. His paintings are for sale, prices are negotiable for anything of interest. He also takes commissions for any venue and any size.


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Leonard Pardon's Gallery of Faux Finishes

Leonard’s illustrious clients have included the Queen of England, Sultans of Brunei and Oman, Sheikhs, Princes, Prime Ministers, Presidents, British Aristocracy as well as Heads of Industry and many of the world’s movers and shakers.

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Leonard Pardon DVD's and Brushes

Leonard Pardon offers a Collection of 15 DVDs to expand and improve your repertoire of faux art. Also available is the set of Decorative Artists and Faux Finishers. Ensure your finishes are up to your client standards by getting both the guide and the tools from the Master of the Art.

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